Saturday, 21 February 2015

Nerves Starting to build

So here I am, 5 days out from my circumcision that I have been thinking about for a good 8 years.
I just want to state this from the get go that this is my choice, and is not fueled by a fetish or sexual arousal of being circed, its just me doing what I feel is right for me and to solve a few problems I have.

So I guess a bit about me? Im 24, live in Melbourne Australia, bi and have been thinking about this for many years.

I've started this blog as a bit of a diary to help others who want to go down this path, and I guess to help my sanity on this journey.

The only place I could find in Melbourne to do the circumcision on an Adult who doesnt have a severely tight foreskin was the Melbourne Circumcision and Vasectomy Center in Weerribee, a full 90KM away from me. The doctor performing the operation is Dr Athari, who I've heard mixed reviews about but I will judge myself :)

Normally you would go in for a examination and consult and then go from there, but due to my schedule I am not able to do that. I work for my father so I'm not able to just take days off here and there, so it has to be done in one go. I spoke to a lovely lady named Angie who talked me through what to expect and where to go from the phone call. She sent me through all the paper work to sign and send back, and then I had to call and pay my non-refundable deposit to book in the operation.
That was all a week ago now and the nerves have been building ever since.

As I said I've been thinking about this for many many years, so now that this is actually happening I'm happy and really nervous. One of the reasons I've taken so long to get it done was that I was really weighing up if I really wanted it done or if it was just a passing thought. But now I've decided that I really do want it done, so I've been researching and reading other peoples blogs.
One of the things I've read is that a 'high & tight' styled cut is best because it keeps the most inner foreskin and there for more sensitivity, so I will be talking to the doctor about that.

I can deal with pain pretty well, I have a Prince Albert piercing and had a frenulum piercing which tore the webbing. The stupid fucking piercing 'artist' just pierced the webbing and didnt actually pierce the meat of my penis. I've also broken bones and my ACL in my right knee so hopefully I can deal with the pain pretty well.
One thing I am not looking forward to is the abstinence and getting nightly erections which I get a lot of.

I will just have to see how I go :/

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