Sunday, 15 March 2015

1 week, 3 days

So today I succumbed to the sexual tension that was my morning erection.
It was a great wank, which ended with me using my fleshjack.
OMG!!! I felt everything!!! it was amazing! before when I had my foreskin I hardly felt anything. but this was amazing!!!

Anyway, the swelling has gone down and half of the sutures have come out...Well more so I just removed them. I only have the left hand side in which I will leave them in for another couple of days.
But it felt good removing those sutures. I think I removed them just in time because I don't have any skin tunneling!

My morning erections aren't hurting anymore which is great! I had a checkup with the doctor the other just in case there was some infection starting, but everything is healing well.
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  1. Any update for the past month? How is the scar line and frenulum area? I'm scheduled to be done next Thursday and my nervousness is starting to come about.

    1. Hey man. I'll do an update later today.
      But yeah, things have been really good! Everything has healed and it's looking good.
      I know it doesn't help, but you really have nothing to worry about. The healing maybe a little painful.
      If you're having local ask the surgeon to inject you with a top up before he wraps you up. That will keep it numb for the next couple of hours.
      If you think about it when you cut yourself it only hurts for a little bit and then it's over. This is the same. That's what my doctor told me.
      Wear some boxer briefs or righty whities to help keep your penis compressed, also take a couple of instant ice packs with you. After the surgery and you're in your car activate the ice pack and place it in your underpants so it keeps your penis cool. This will help keep swelling down.
      I also took a couple of ibprohen with codeine but really that's all I needed the whole time. I was also to lay on my stomach and watch a couple of movies when I got home to keep the penis compressed and stop any bleeding as well.
      I'm here if you want to ask any questions as well

    2. Thank you for the advice! Are you active on Skype or iMessage for messaging?

    3. I do have skype but never use it.
      Ill give you my iMessage email as soon as I remember it lol

    4. So you should be able to use to iMessage me.

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