Friday, 6 March 2015

Day 2

So last night was a little interesting. I had a bit of pain just as I was going to sleep.
This was becuase I had to rewrap the bandage as it came off a bit. Hurt like a bitch really, kinda felt like when you wank yourself raw and then take a piss the next day, thats really the only thing I can relate it too.

Today was good, no real pain only inklings of pain here and there but nothing bad.
I've just gotten home from work and taken the bandage off.
I am a little disappointed with the circumcision, he told me during the consultation that due to my fat pad above my cock it was pushing my skin down, He said he would do the circumcision, but he wont take as much as he normally does. When flaccid you see about half of my head, but when erect you fully see the head. A revision circumcision is definitely on the cards down the track once I've lost some weight.
Apart from that though, im fairly happy with it. I just wish he took more off.
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