Saturday, 7 March 2015

Day 3

So it's been three days now and I'm still really depressed with a partial circumcision rather than a full one :\ like really depressed.
Nothing really to report other than I took the bandage off yesterday.

You know one thing all these other bloggs go on about is the pain, I've yet to experience anything remotely close to wha they are going on about.
One thing they don't mention is how Goddamn itchy it is right now. Like its really really really itchy.
I almost need one of those Victorian collars they put on animals. Or I need to be taped up with oven mits like phoebe from friends when she has chicken poxs.

I'm about to head to bed now and I just pray that no erections wake me up like they did last night.
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  1. im sorry but from another Australian to you. you're sick for wanting to destroy such a healthy penis.