Monday, 9 March 2015

Day 5 aka The Relief

Today was pretty sore. However it wasn't the circumcision that was sore, the doctor must have used some forceps at the base of my penis because there is a very sore sore. I think I might go get it checked out tonight because it is very very sore and wakes me up at night.
Other things that are waking me up are erections. They are very strong and are pulling on the sutures. So to elevate that I had a very soft wank. I lightly rubbed the head and shaft so no strain was put in the join. I'm happy with how my penis looks erect. It was nice and tight, but still swollen :/
I tell you what though, despite the little bit of pain, it was one the best wanks I've ever had. I normally don't leak a lot of pre-cum but last night I did! The relief was wonderfully glorious! But that is the only time I will wank until the suture dissolve.

I had to run after my dog that escaped yesterday and that hurt a bit. Mainly because the part of the head that is exposed was rubbing against my boxer briefs and it's not use to that :)

Well off to the doctors tonight.
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