Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Well thats it! I've been home for a couple of hours now.
I walked in a 1130am and a 15minute consult where he explained what was going to happen and then it was time for the operation. The operation itself only lasted 30minutes, the rest was them prepping.
I did feel exposed though! They got me to lay down on the op table and then pulled down my shorts to my knees and then left me like that for about 15minutes while they prepped. The nurse was making small talk with me but I guess she could tell I was feeling really awkward :)
The operation its self went really well. I had about 10 injections all together and felt pretty much nothing through it. There were a couple of times when he grazed my head with the scissors which hurt a little, there wasn't to much blood which is good :)

I've had a little peak and I dont have much blood now that ive been home a couple of hours as well.

I did make the mistake of looking down whilst they were pulling the foreskin tight so they could snip it and I had a little chuckle which disturbed the Doctor and the nurse :P But when I looked down, all I could think of was "Moisturize me!" and this.

I tell you what though, it is the oddest feeling having the suture put in. I could feel the needle pricking me but there was no pain and then I could feel the actual suture being pulled through, it felt so odd!
I dont know how many there are, all I know is that they are self dissolving.

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