Thursday, 12 March 2015


lol It seems I've had my days all mixed up!
Today marks one week and 4 hours since I had the circumcision and things are looking pretty good!

I thought I would add some pictures I've taken.

Before (Obviously):
Penis resting with foreskin sitting just over the ridge. When standing you body actually pulls on your penis, so its longer laying down and it is standing. When standing the foreskin covers much more of the head.
You can also see the plaster I've had to put on to cover the sore.
The skin looks crusty because its been dried from rubbing against my jocks all day. Plus I've been freeballing a bit...well alot actually lol.


Pulling what foreskin I have left back. The brown mark on the left is a bruise from what I can only assume was forceps. There is another one where my index finger is.
These bruises are quite painful.


Mess of stickers at the back of the penis, these are the sutures that are hurting the most. The red dot above the pee hole is where my frenulum was attached, But due to a piercing I had there it tore pretty much all of it apart from top and bottom.

You can also see some white gunk. Whilst this may look like puss and there for an infection this is not the case. The white is caused by lymphatic liquid leaking. This is what causes the swelling.
Now if it was yellow and custard looking that would be puss. So lucky none of that.
The sutures have been stained yellow from urine in the days following the operation when it was still wrapped up.

Now that the swelling has gone down, im starting to like it more and more but I'm still not 100% on it. For that reason I have decided that when I reach Canada in October I will be having a revision circumcision to remove the lose state when flaccid.
The whole point of a circumcision is to remove the foreskin. Not remove it and then create half a one with left over foreskin.
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