Friday, 24 April 2015

2 months

So things have healed rather well!
I scar line is nice and healed, i have a few suture lines and what could be a little bit of fiber from the sutures still in there as I get a little pain every now and again, the doctor tells me this is all right and it will go away.
I'm still upset with the fact that I don't have a full circumcision but I can easily fix that.

I am loving how my penis now looks when fully erect, its a big turn on for me. Being bi I have always referenced cut penis' over uncut and now I have one of my own.
My penis head has actually plumped up a bit and now feels like soft velvet. It hasn't dried out like anti-circers say.

I have however lost the tiniest little bit of sensitivity, but its hardly noticeable. It actually could just be the fact that I've gotten use to the feelings.

I don't really have to much to update with as I haven't really had sex with it yet.

An erect pic. 
(Can I just say that I look quite small in that picture but im pretty average at 5.5" but im rather thick at 5" so i guess thats what makes it look smaller :P)
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