Joes Tips for Pre and Post Circumcision

So I thought I would share with you all a few tips I found to help me along the way.

Pre Op
  1. Research your doctor!
     You want to be comfortable with the doctor who will be operating on your penis!
  2. Its your penis!!
     Remember its your penis and at the end of the day you have the final say in what happens with it. Make your wishes perfectly known to the doctor who will be operating. If he wont do what you want, look for another doctor or ask him/her why.
  3. Make sure you really want this!This isnt reveresble so make sure you really want this and it isnt just a fleeting thought. Think about it for a couple of months and if at the end of those months you really want the circumcision go for it. I highly recommend it!
  4. Have a good couple of wanks or have sex before the operation!
    You wont be able to have sex or masturbate for a good month so you want to get it out of your system before the operation!
  5. Wear Boxer briefs, briefs or a jock strap on the day. You want tight underwear to help compress the penis to limit blood loss and limit swelling.
Post Op

  1. Before the Doctor has finished the operation ask him to inject you with a top up injection of anesthetic. This will last for a good couple of hours by which time the cut should have scabbed over which will limit the pain!
  2. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PENIS!! Seriously do not touch it! it will only cause you pain, even if you have to pee try to limit the touching for the first day.
  3. After the operation and youre in your car place an instant ice pack in between your underwear and pants. Cold helps limit swelling and will help with the pain
  4. Take a couple of codeine pain killers. This will help top off the pain management. You shouldn't really need it, but it will help. 
  5. Keep your penis in a vertical manor for the first week. This will also help drain any fluid that collects IE Puss and lymphatic fluid.
  6. When you get home, put a movie on and lay on your stomach. This will again help compress the penis. You should also do this if you notice any bleeding.
  7. THERE WILL BE BLOOD! no matter how good the Doctor is there will be blood. Hopefully you have a good one and the blood is low.
  8. Do not drink 3 hours before you sleep! This will help to keep night time erections to a minimum. If you do wake with an erection, and trust me you will, keep up and have a walk around. This will help take your mind off it and hopefully make it subside.
  9. Wear a condom when showering for the first couple of days. Your penis should be kept dry for the first couple of days and this is kinda hard when having a shower, so I found wearing a normal condom over the bandages in to the shower keeps it dry. The condom should be one of the normal ones.
  10. If after the first week you need "relief" you should be ok to lightly rub the head of your penis or rub the shaft below the sutures, being careful to not be aggressive or more the sutures. The first wank you have will be one of the best in your life time. Or so I found.
I think that is it. Ill update this as time goes one.

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